Rental Agency Franchise Business

Over 100 franchise stores!!

※We are expanding our franchise business utilizing the brand power of “”.

As of November 2023, we have exceeded 240 direct stores and 100 franchise store applications based on “”, which has been recognized by many customers through nationwide TV commercials and web advertisements since its brand inception in 2004. The brand recognition rate of “” exceeds 70% (according to Daiwa House Leasing) and has grown into a brand that gives customers peace of mind when searching for apartments.

※Brand Recognition
Survey Conducted by: Daiwa House Leasing Co., Ltd.
Research Institution: Intage Inc.
Survey Method (Sampling Frame): Internet Survey (Sampling eligible respondents from Intage Net Monitor)
Survey Period: ≪SCR≫July 28 (Fri) to July 31 (Mon), 2023 ≪Main Survey≫August 7 (Mon) to August 10 (Thu), 2023
Survey Region & Respondents: Nationwide (excluding Okinawa) males and females aged 18-49
Sample Size: ≪SCR≫Post-WB: 17902s ≪Main Survey≫Post-WB: 4985s

Benefits for Franchise Stores

  • 1 A Highly Attractive Proprietary Website

    By listing on the expanding “”, it contributes to increased sales for franchise stores. The number of responses on “” has been increasing year by year, and a major site renovation in 2020 further increased response numbers. Compared to 2019, we have gained about four times the responses, indicating both high quality of responses and expected productivity improvements.

  • 2 The Brand Power of continues wide-ranging promotions, including TVCMs and web advertising, and has developed a network of over 300 stores nationwide.
    Additionally, to ensure the brand of continues to be trusted by customers, we value customer feedback and constantly strive to improve the quality of customer service.
    This effort has led to positive evaluations from those searching for apartments and property owners, establishing as the “No. 1 rental brokerage achievement brand for 14 consecutive years※”.

    ※Based on the “2024 Rental Brokerage Number Ranking of 409 Companies” published by the National Rental Housing Newspaper on January 1 and 8, 2024.

  • 3 No. 1 Brokerage Number Store Operation Know-how

    We provide advice utilizing the know-how of operating our direct stores to franchise stores, aiming for an increase in customer attraction together. It is also possible to receive training packed with our know-how, contributing to the development of franchise store personnel.

Based on our extensive track record, we strongly support our franchisees.


»”” Franchise Application Exceeds 100 Stores – Daiwa House Press Release