Corporate Social Responsibility

DAITOKENTAKU LEASING CO., LTD. is committed to building bridges between customers and the community and contributing to activities that connect “karma” based on its management philosophy of “creating new lifestyles with each and every customer and expanding smiles and bonds between people and communities.

food drive

DAITOKENTAKU LEASING CO., LTD. conducts food drive activities for its employees.
The food drive is an activity in which employees bring surplus food from their homes to work and donate it to local children’s cafeterias, orphanages, nursing homes, individuals with food insecurity, etc. via food bank organizations and government agencies.
Frequency: Once a year (fall)

Food thrown away (per capita) by 2030
Reduce by half

Donations to children’s homes

DAITOKENTAKU LEASING CO., LTD. has signed a corporate sponsorship agreement with the Japan Children’s Home Foundation.
Children’s homes are places where children live due to parental abuse (violent or mental), neglect, financial reasons, orphans, or for some other reason. Children must leave the facility upon graduation from high school and receive little or no assistance after leaving.
Children without supportive adults can become the worst case scenario, such as “homelessness,” crime, or mental illness.
In order to support children who leave orphanages, we donate “the number of rental agency contracts (for residential use) x 2 yen” from our annual performance to the Japan Children’s Aid Foundation, which is equally distributed to facilities nationwide.
Frequency: At the end of each fiscal year

Japan Children’s Home Mascot

Japan Children’s Home Mascot
Kocchi Kocchi~

By 2030, we will encourage all people, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, birthplace, religion, economic status, etc., to increase their abilities and ensure that they are not left behind socially, economically, or politically.