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 Our goal has been to become a real estate brokerage company that can offer the best housing solutions to our customers throughout Japan by constantly gathering information on housing and living in each region. We will continue to provide wonderful living spaces that our customers want to live in for a long time and want to live in again, in order to realize all the wishes of our customers.

 To this end, we will strive to expand the scope of our real estate business by maximizing the use of real estate tech, further strengthening the “” brand and raising its recognition, improving the quality of customer service, maximizing store value, and ensuring compliance. We will continue to strive to help our customers as “experts” in finding a good room.

 Specifically, we will improve customer service quality and maximize store value by securing customer service hours through more efficient operations and expanding management support services for franchise stores. In addition, we will strengthen our efforts to comply with relevant laws and regulations and reinforce internal controls to eliminate instances of noncompliance and create an appropriate working environment.

 To realize these objectives, we are promoting DX in each of our business areas based on our DX strategy. By utilizing digital technology, we aim to transform the business of existing businesses, create new added value through new businesses, and realize new ways of working, while developing DX human resources to support these measures.


 In order to promote our DX strategy, we have established “three pillars” to define the areas to be strengthened and the direction in which we should move.


– DX Strategy “3 Pillars

1) Transformation of existing businesses (core business and general leasing business) through digital

 We will utilize digital technology to further deepen our “core business” and expand and strengthen our “general leasing business” area.

(2) Creation of unprecedented “lifestyle support services” with digital technology

 We will utilize digital technology to further expand our business domain and create new, unprecedented lifestyle support services.

(3) Transform the way employees work with digital

 Utilizing digital technology to create a true “new way of working” that matches the realization of diverse work styles with an evaluation and compensation system.

 We will realize this goal.


 We will leverage our experience and knowledge in the rental brokerage business, as well as the sales and purchase business and franchise business, to create new lifestyles together with each and every customer, spreading smiles and bonds between people and communities.


daitokentaku leasing co., ltd.

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DX Strategy Overview

We communicate the Group’s ” DX Strategy ” to our stakeholders.


DX Promotion System

DAITOKENTAKEN LEASING CO., LTD. will work with affiliated companies of the DAITOKENTAKU Group and the DX Promotion Department to realize each DX measure.