Rental Brokerage Related Services

We provide support not only for finding apartments but also to ensure you can start your new life comfortably and securely.

Moving Company Referral Service

We introduce moving companies that we partner with.
Free quotes and discounts on fees are also available.

Utilities Setup Service

At the “Daito Trust Utilities Guide Center,” we provide contact information for utilities (electricity, gas, water, internet), suggest economical contract plans, and support the setup process.
We also introduce recommended water servers to our customers.

Antibacterial Treatment

We apply a special antibacterial agent primarily to walls in the entrance, washbasin, toilet, and kitchen to inhibit bacterial growth, making your living space more comfortable.

※This product is available for a fee.

Throw-Type Fire Extinguishing Equipment

Lighter and easier to use than a fire extinguisher, this throw-type fire extinguishing equipment is recommended.
Simply throw the bottle containing a harmless liquid at the base of the fire for easy extinguishment, aiding in initial fire suppression and securing evacuation routes.

※This product is available for a fee.

Credit Card Payment

Payments for contract-related costs can be made via credit card.
Additionally, we can introduce many properties managed by Daito Trust Partners that allow monthly rent payments to be made by credit card.

Fire Insurance Procedures

At Daito Trust Leasing, to ensure peace of mind for owners and tenants, we use the insurance application system “Net de Insurance @room” to facilitate the enrollment process for Mitsui Sumitomo Sea’s fire insurance for rental housing residents [Living FIT] at the time of moving in.
Fire insurance is an essential protection for tenants’ lives and belongings.

Renewal (Renewal Procedures)

※Please select “Living FIT” for the “Fire Insurance Easy Online Procedure.”