Rental Brokerage Business


*National Rental Housing Newspaper “2024 Rental Agency Number Ranking 409 Companies” issued on January 1 and 8, 2024.
*In terms of the number of brokerages at directly managed agencies (Daito Kensetsu Group), we are developing our franchise business by leveraging the brand power of “”.

We will propose the most suitable housing for those looking for rental properties by listening to your requirements and other conditions.
In addition to local information such as the surrounding environment and convenience, knowledge of property facilities and market rent prices are also indispensable when searching for a room. In order to meet the needs of as many customers as possible, our staff always collects detailed information on housing and living in each area, and we also focus on procurement work so that we can offer more properties to our customers.
We also have branches in all 47 prefectures of Japan, so we can meet the expectations of customers in any part of the country and provide services that are appropriate for an expert in room searches.

Reward System for Referrals

Please introduce your friends and acquaintances who are looking for apartments, condominiums, stores, and other rental properties. If your friend or acquaintance signs a lease contract with a property managed by DAITOKENTAKEN LEASING CO., LTD. and brokered by DAITOKENTAKEN LEASING CO. If the contract is concluded at a property other than those managed by Daito Kenshi Partners, a Quo Card worth 5,000 yen will be given as a thank-you gift.
If you would like to be introduced to our company, please contact the nearest store.

*If the person looking for a room contacts us directly, he/she is not eligible for this program. The incentive amount, eligibility, and period of eligibility for this referral program are subject to change according to our company’s regulations. Please be aware of this in advance and confirm the details when you contact us.