Real Estate Rrading Business

Standing between customers who want to sell real estate and customers who want to buy real estate, our professional staff with close ties to the community will provide accurate support for real estate transactions based on the know-how and experience we have cultivated in room searches.

Purchase of real estate

If you are interested in purchasing real estate, please contact us.
We can introduce you to a variety of properties, from investment properties to residential properties. We will provide you with the best proposals from financial planning to various types of loans, as well as community-based information according to your wishes and circumstances.

Sale of Real Estate

If you are thinking of selling your owned real estate (investment or residential), please contact us. We offer free real estate assessments, and will conduct optimal sales activities tailored to you using our nationwide network in accordance with your wishes and circumstances.
If you want to know the price, want to buy a new one, or want to get cash immediately, please feel free to contact us first.

“Re Kodate” a business that buys, renovates, and resells detached houses

We sell and provide our customers with “high-quality existing detached houses” at low prices to homeowner-oriented customers after remodeling and renovating existing detached houses that we have purchased from real estate owners.
As mentioned above, we buy detached houses, and we also offer a free “purchase price assessment” to those who are considering selling their detached houses.
We purchase the houses for cash at our company, so we recommend this service to those who are looking for early cash.

*There are cases in which we may not be able to purchase the product according to our company’s standards.