大東建託 大東建託
Daito Kensetsu's "Lump-sum Leasehold Management System" - "Connecting the Anxiety of Rental Management with Peace of Mind" - Daito Kensetsu's Lump-sum Leasehold Management System
大東建設株式会社 大東建設株式会社
Specialized in RC, SRC, and S construction.
大東スチール株式会社 大東スチール株式会社
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified factory. Manufacturing and installation of steel frames and sales of exterior products
株式会社シマ 株式会社シマ
A general construction company that handles a wide range of design and construction work, from public housing to condominiums, welfare facilities, distribution facilities, etc.
大東建託パートナーズ 大東建託パートナーズ
We are a general construction company that designs and constructs a wide range of facilities from public housing to condominiums, welfare facilities, and logistics facilities. Aiming to be the "best partner" for everyone.
ハウスコム株式会社 ハウスコム株式会社
Brokerage of rental properties in Kanto, Chubu and Kansai areas.
ハウスリーブ株式会社 ハウスリーブ株式会社
Smooth support for finding a guarantor and moving-in procedures.
ハウスペイメント ハウスペイメント
Settlement agency business specializing in "rental housing living
株式会社ガスパル 株式会社ガスパル
Contracting of LP gas installation work for apartments and condominiums, and LP gas supply business
ケアパートナー株式会社 ケアパートナー株式会社
Operation of community-based long-term care insurance business such as daycare services and daycare center business
大東ファイナンス株式会社 大東ファイナンス株式会社
Short-term financing, including up-front payments required before the completion of rental properties
大東アジアディベロプメント社 大東アジアディベロプメント社
Ownership of Le Meridien KL hotel in Malaysia
大東コーポレートサービス株式会社 大東コーポレートサービス株式会社
Provides document delivery and clerical work for the purpose of promoting employment of people with disabilities
大東みらい信託株式会社 大東みらい信託株式会社
Trust services to support "amicable" and "smooth" asset succession for real estate owners
少額短期保険ハウスガード株式会社 少額短期保険ハウスガード株式会社
Selling household contents insurance for tenants of rental housing
株式会社インヴァランス 株式会社インヴァランス
We provide long-term support for our customers' valuable asset formation.
大東建託アセットソリューション株式会社 大東建託アセットソリューション株式会社
We meet the transaction demands of real estate owners through the sale and purchase of income-producing properties such as residences and offices, as well as land for development, and through brokerage.